Uniforms and Badges

Girls in the 5 to 13 age group wear a lime green tee with the badges they have earned displayed on the back.The 14+ girls wear a purple tee with badges also displayed on the back. Optional fuchsia pink caps and black polar fleeces complete the uniform.
  Green Tee-150324111158-490   item-IFG - Ultimate Girls Tee-150324110723-630   Hot Pink Cap-150324101815-792-767   item-IFG-Child Fleece Jacket-190307051329-112-622  

The badges are earned throughout the year, lending to a sense of achievement for the girl and a source of modest pride for the parent.
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Leaders may choose from a pink scoop neck tee, pink polo or blouse with three quarter length sleeves. There are two styles of black jacket with IFG logo optional for leaders.

  item-IFG - Leaders Tee-150324101101-986 item-IFG - Leaders Flash Polo-150324100711-991 item-IFG -Leaders Shirt-150324103250-945-157-791 item-IFG - Fleece Jacket-150324102952-562