Q. Where can I find out if there is a Unit near to where I live?

All Units are listed in the Find A Unit section of this website.

Q. What ages is it for?

A. There are programmes available for girls aged 5 to 17. However all ages are not covered by all Units. Ages catered for are displayed under the individual Unit details here: Find A Unit.

Q. Is there a uniform?

A. Yes.  Year 1 to Year 9 girls wear an apple green T-shirt and Years 10 and above wear a purple T-shirt. All ages wear a fuchsia pink cap. Leaders wear either a shirt, polo shirt or T-shirt in fuchsia pink.

Q. What are the fees?

A. Each Unit sets its own fees so you would need to check. Fees are usually charged per term and could be about $40-$50 per term.

Q. Can I just turn up?

A. Best to check with the contact person first. The programme often has the girls involved in activities away from the usual meeting venue.

Q. What sort of a programme is it?

A. It is a balanced programme, both skills and values-based, which seeks to engage and develop girls physically, socially and spiritually with a range of fun-filled creative weekly activities. Girls earn badges to recognise their involvement and achievements.

Q. Is it a school holiday programme?

A. No. The programme is active either after school or early evening during term time.

Q. Is it religious?

A. A Unit is owned and overseen by their church. The leaders are approved by the church and are police vetted.

Q. May my girl just come along to see if she likes it first?

A. Yes definitely. We have a “Three 4 free” policy which means that your girl may come along for three weekly sessions before she needs to decide if she wants to join.

Q. There is no Unit near where I live.  Can you start one please?

A. Contact us at info@iconz4girlz.org.nz and we will look at the feasibility of setting up a Unit near where you live.

Q. Is this what used to be Girls’ Brigade?

A. No. Girls’ Brigade is still active in about 40 Companies in New Zealand. This is an alternative programme provided by Girls’ Brigade to assist churches in their community outreach to girls.

Q. Is there an iconz4boys?

A. Boys’ Brigade has a similar programme for boys called just “ICONZ”.