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We expect that following the introduction of the 2016 Health and Safety regulations the H and S officer at your church went through the church’s Health and Childsafe policies with all IFG leaders.  They may have also asked you to put together a document specific to your IFG Unit for situations not covered by the existing church document for use at your usual weekly meeting. 
Remember, you are an outreach of your host church just like the Sunday School, Youth Group etc. there, so completed forms are held on file locally except in the case of overnight camps or activities that include perceived risk in which case you send a copy of the Rams form and your programme to: rams@iconz4girlz.org.nz  . 
If you choose to participate in a camp/ activity combined with a Girls’ Brigade Company or GB Area as they report to GB you may also be required to provide copies of your forms to the GB person-in-charge of the event.

Here is a list of all the updated forms we have provided for you to use as required:
  • Attendance Sheet (Sign in/Sign out)
  • Risk Management – Planning Information Sheet
  • RAMs – at usual meeting venue / time  - Sample
  • RAMs – outside usual meeting venue/time - Sample
  • RAMs Form
  • Activities Outside Usual Venue/Time
  • Accident and Incident Report
Remember all leaders, not just the person in charge, are responsible for the welfare of the girls
In this section there is also a copy of the Memorandum of Understanding that was signed between your church and Girls’ Brigade NZ.  This covers the church’s responsibility for the Unit.
Teaching safety to the girls is covered in the following programme modules:
  • 1st Year Explore – Term Two/ Weeks 8 – 10.  Safeaz - Quakez
  • 2nd Year Explore – Term One/ Weeks 2 -4.  Safeaz – Water
  • 3rd Year Explore – Term Four/ Week 1.  Fire
  • 1st Year Adventure – Term 2/ Weeks 8 – 10.  Safeaz – Choices - Home, Road, Fire, Internet
  • 1st Year Challenge – Campz.  Includes comprehensive planning guide for leaders Pages 36 – 52
Safeaz leaders

All leaders and helpers 18 years and over are registered and police vetted.  Leaders under 18 are registered but to protect their privacy their registration form may remain locally and the registration recorded as a statistic on the Annual Unit Update. 
Additionally, all leaders and regular helpers sign and adhere to a Code of Conduct.  Occasional or short term helpers may just sign a Code of Conduct.  If you are unsure whether a temporary helper should complete registration as well, be guided by your Pastor/Chaplain/Church Liaison Person.
All leaders’ forms are included in ‘Resources for Leaders’ under Consent Forms.  Registrations and vetting are renewed three-yearly with church endorsement.
All leaders are encouraged to be holders of a current First Aid Certificate and there should be at least one holder at every session.
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Safeaz - Form1 - Sign-In Sign-Out - Oct 2016
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Safeaz - Form2 - Risk Management Planning Sheet - Oct 2016
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Safeaz - Form3 - RAMs - Usual Venue And Time Sample
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Safeaz - Form4 - RAMs - Outside Usual Venue And Time Sample
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Safeaz - Form5 - RAMs - Form - Oct 2016
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Safeaz - Form6 - Outside Usual Venue Time - Oct 2016
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Safeaz - Form7 - Accident And Incident Form - Oct 2016
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Memorandum Of Understanding Girls' Brigade - June 2020