What is iconz4girlz?

iconz4girlz (IFG) or as the girls call it “i-girlz”, began as a response to parents with boys in the ICONZ programme asking
“Where is something for the girls?"

iconz4girls rockclimbing

IFG is a weekly programme run either after school or in the early evening during term time, and is a place where girls have the space to be girls, whatever that may mean to them.
There is the opportunity to enjoy those high activity pursuits so loved by boys as well as the chance to have a go at some of the stuff that requires great hand/eye co-ordination that girls are so often good at.

Plus there’s everything in between – limited only by their leaders’ imagination (and common sense).
The programme is run by a local church who approves and police- vets all leaders. The programme is based on the SPACI system, the same as the boys’ ICONZ –
  • Spiritual
  • Physical
  • Adventure
  • Community Service
  • Interest
There are a mixture of indoor and outdoor activities to suit the seasons and where you live.
iconz4girls action